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An individual who wears carnelian will be confident, motivated, and have the willpower to succeed in all areas of their lives. Carnelian is known for stimulating creativity, eliminating procrastination, and improving concentration. It also helps to reduce fear, anger, and doubt. Carnelian is believed to be a powerful stone for manifestation and can help to attract success and abundance. Carnelian can also help to boost self-esteem and bring balance and stability to one's life. It can help to open up and heal the heart, allowing individuals to take risks and embrace new opportunities. Carnelian can also be used to protect against negative energies and repel envy and jealousy. It can also help to calm and centre the mind for better decision making.

🦂 Compatible Zodiacs: Aries
🧘 Activating Chakras: Base(root) & Sacral Chakras
🪐 Ruling Planet: Mars
🔥 Elements: Fire

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