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Moonstone is a stone for new beginnings, inner growth and strength. Moonstone soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilises the emotions, providing calmness. Enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters. Aids the digestive system, assimilates nutrients, eliminates toxins and fluid retention, and alleviates degenerative conditions of skin, hair, eyes, and fleshy organs such as the liver and pancreas. Moonstone stimulates the pineal gland and balances hormonal cycles, being excellent for PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and breast-feeding. 
It is also beneficial to men in opening the emotional self.

Helps open and heal the, Third Eye Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra. Its known Birthstone is June. Its Zodiac's are Cancer, Libra, Scorpio. Connected to the element Water and the planet Moon. Vibrates at number 4. You can find them in colours cream, yellow, blue, grey, peach/pink
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