About the Creator

Founded 2020

I have always had a creative spark inside of me since I was a child and as an adult it has become my therapeutic outlet.

Initially Magic from the Ground started as a hobby, where I was gifting crystal pendants to family and friends. After realizing I could turn this into a full-time business, I was able to spend more time with my son and watch him grow up.

As a result, I researched and reached out to the community of Cairns and Brisbane and seen the potential there was to selling handmade copper crystal pendants.

In order to achieve this goal, I had to master the art form as quickly as possible while attending to my responsibilities of caring for my son and other daily tasks, while still enjoying and admiring my own creations.

Creating Magic from the Ground pieces is not just about the production and execution; it's also about making each piece look beautiful wherever it is displayed.

My name is Delaine and I am the Creator, Owner and Operator of Magic from the Ground.