About the Creator


Established in 2020, Magic from the Ground was born from a lifelong passion for creativity that has been my therapeutic escape since childhood. What began as a personal hobby, crafting crystal pendants as heartfelt gifts for family and friends, soon evolved into a thriving business opportunity. This transformation allowed me to cherish precious moments with my growing son.

In pursuit of this dream, I delved into research and reached out to the vibrant communities of Cairns and Brisbane, recognizing the untapped potential in crafting and selling handmade copper crystal pendants.

Balancing my responsibilities as a mother and daily life, I embarked on a journey to master this artistry swiftly, all while cherishing my own creations. Magic from the Ground isn't solely about the production; it's about crafting each piece to radiate beauty wherever it finds its place.

I am Delaine, the heart and soul behind Magic from the Ground, serving as the Creator, Owner, and Operator of this unique endeavor.