Frequently Asked Question's

Does the chain come with the Pendant?
The chain you may have seen in some photos will not included in the purchase. The chain is a separate item listed in the accessories collection. If you wish to have a chain, please add to your cart when making your purchase. Otherwise you will receive a choker necklace at no extra cost these sizes are 16 inches (42.5 cm's). In colours Beige, Brown, Black, and Red, that will randomly selected.

Caring for your Pendant

Your pendant will come with a free guide on how to care for it due to oxidation. Each natural copper pendant is polished before shipping and comes with a polishing pad sample, whereas copper pendants with anti-tarnish coatings don't require a polish, although they still require care and protection from particular properties and elements. More information is provided in the Jewellery Care Guide that comes with your Pendants. If you would like to see the visual cleaning process, you can view it on my Instagram account. You can access it at utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Where do you source your Crystals?
I source my crystals from Australian Crystal Suppliers, who source those crystals from around the world. 

What wire do you use?
High-Quality Raw copper sourced from a supplier in Australia.

Cleanse my crystal. What does that mean?
When you buy a crystal apart from the business you bought it from, you will need to keep in mind that it came a long way to get to you. And on the Crystal's journey to you it picks up energies around it and holds on to them. On arrival it is recommended that you cleanse your crystal. There are many cleansing methods you can find on google. The best ones I like to do are: Playing 417hz Meditation Music found on YouTube, Sage smudge stick. My most favourite cleanse method is to hold the crystal in your hands and picture in your mind white ribbons wrapping around your hand and a flash of bright white lights appear around your hands, what do you hear? How do you feel? 

Do you have any BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later)  options available?
Afterpay is currently part of Magicfromtheground's BNPL payment option.